Year: 2011

Client: Skandal!Istanbul
City: Istanbul


Interior design from concept to construction for the indie club Skandal! Istanbul, located right in the centre of the culturally diverse and blooming Beyoglu district in Istanbul. We used lighting installations and a contemprorary graphic style to create contrast with the historical character of the space. The sound reactive lighting installations were designed in collaboration with Nerdworking.


Year: 2015

Client: Nino Bakery

City: Istanbul


The client’s approach that merges cultural heritage with innovative techniques constituted the foundation of our work, including the brand identity, packaging and interior designs for Nino. For the logo, we took inspiration from cuneiform scripts to achieve a striking yet simple design. We also created a pattern with the repetition of the logo, and used this pattern in the interior design as well. The selection of natural materials such as natural moss and wood used in the signboard design brought a tangible third dimension to the brand’s identity.


You can see the brand identity design of Nino Bakery under the graphic category


Year: 2017

Client: Erse

City: Istanbul


For our Erse Kindergarten project, we took an innovative approach and created different concepts for each individual space. We used strong graphical elements, color contrasts and figures to design a kindergarten that children would enjoy to go.